Dog & Cat, Urine & Poop Odour Eliminator

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Made in Australia

Step #1


Use BioEnzymes on new AND old stains around your home. It can be used on all surfaces - carpet, hardwood floors, laminate, tile, concrete, bedding & more!

Step #2


BioEnzymes uses a proprietary form of stabilized oxygen (as bacteria cannot grow when oxygen is present) to break down and vaporize the bacteria causing the stains and smells.

Step #3


Our oxygen solution does not contain ANY harsh chemicals, dyes and is completely scent-free therefore it is safe to use around children, pets and plants.



The special blend of live bacteria in Odour Eater "Cats" were chosen because they quickly digest organic matter that produces foul odours and stains. 

Odour Eater "Cats" also contains our unique Foul Odour Counteractant  to remove odours already in the air leaving a burst of freshness. 

The LIVE bacteria in Odour Eater "Cats" keep producing enzymes  until the stains or odours vanish.
That’s why Odour Eater "Cats" works so well on carpets !

Fantastic general cleaner for biocycle households, it will boost your system.

Try it on artificial grass for cat & dog urine, or sink odours, remove stains & odours from urine, faeces, vomit, blood, milk, coffee, food, pet accidents & bedding

 or any other organic matter on all surfaces anywhere.


To use Odour Eater Cats as you would a general purpose cleaner dilute 10ml Odour Eater Cats with 400ml to 500ml water. Use a mop, cloth or trigger sprayer. 

Clean area do not rinse unless on kitchen bench tops. 

For very strong odours such as in urinals mix 50ml Odour Eater Cats with 100ml warm water, apply daily until stains & odours are digested. 

Thereafter application is generally needed every few days or weekly. 

To remove odours &  stains from carpets, upholstery & fabrics apply a small amount of full strength Odour Eater Cats to an inconspicuous spot to test for colour fastness.
 If textile is colour fast, dilute Odour Eater Cats as above. 

Apply until area is saturated, cover with a damp cloth or plastic to retard drying. 

Keep the area covered and moist for at least 24 hours to allow  the bacteria to get going.
Temperatures below 15c may take longer. 


To use as a septic or biocycle booster add 100ml Odour Eater Cats to 5 litres of warm water, apply to all lines into system. 

Use monthly to reduce waste, odours & pump out costs.


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