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How To Protect Your Car Boot?

If youā€™re a dog owner, you know they love to jump up on the backseats. Their muddy paws and drooling mouths can cause havoc with your upholstery. Similar issues can occur when youā€™re carrying dirty or wet equipment such as fishing tackle or mountain bikes in your car boot.Ā 

Again, you can cover at least the top portion of the seats with a towel. But because these are absorbent, they can actually damage your car by soaking up the moisture and transferring it to the seats and mats or even creating moulds.

WeĀ know that protecting your car, whether new or old is an important factor and having a boot liner should be high on your list of requirements to keep your boots carpet looking new and help it last longer.


6 Reasons why you need to get boot liner!Ā Ā 

āœ… No marks- No scratches-Ā No stress!

āœ… Covers the bumper

āœ…Ā Easy to install

āœ… Saves your back

āœ… Protecting boot from dirt, grime and stains

āœ… Preserving your boot and value of your vehicle

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā Ā 

Fits all standard VANS, MPV's , SUV's, SPORT CAR's

The Hardcastle boot protector is easy to fit with Velcro strips sticking the protector to the boot and elastic loops that fit around the back seat head rest poles. The protector would benefit from more Velcro stripesĀ and wider ones to keep it firmly in place.Ā Ā 



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The material is made from a tough water resistant polyester, perfect for those working in gardening services, enjoying outdoor activities or living in rural areas.Ā 

Extra notes

The boot protector can fit many boot types and styles and can even fit around a dog crate in a boot if needed.

The extra length to cover the lip of the car helps protect from scratches

Tough robust material

Has a smart appearance

Easy to fit

Fits many boot types

Good quality for the price


Stylish and beautiful square design

Fits most standard vehicles

Supports wiping, vacuuming and machine washing

Non-slip designĀ 

Package Includes:

1 X Car Boot Liner (SelectedĀ colour & size will be sent)

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