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What Is Neck Pain (Cervicalgia)?

Neck pain, sometimes called cervicalgia, is pain in or around your spine beneath your head. Your neck is also known as your cervical spine. Neck pain is a common symptom of many different injuries and medical conditions.

You might have axial neck pain (felt mostly in your neck) or radicular neck pain (pain that shoots into other areas, such as your shoulders or arms). It can be acute (lasting from days to six weeks) or chronic (lasting longer than three months).

Neck pain can interfere with your daily activities and reduce your quality of life if it’s not treated.

Fortunately, most causes of neck pain aren’t serious and improve with conservative treatments, like pain medicine, exercise and stress management. 

What Does Neck Pain Feel Like?

Some people describe the pain as:

A persistent ache.
A stabbing or burning pain.
A shooting pain that travels from their neck to their shoulders or arms. 

Treatment aims to relieve your pain and improve movement in your neck. Most causes of neck pain eventually improve and can be managed at home. 

Our Neck Relaxer Is Here To Help You Alleviate Stress & Soothe Your Muscles 

Benefits Of Using Our Neck Relaxer

✅ Relieving Pain

✅ Keeping Your Neck Stable

✅ Easing Muscle Spasm & Pressure

✅ Resting An Injury


✅ Correcting Deformities

✅ Stopping Muscles From Shortening & Contracting 

✅ Helping To Bring Back Blood Flow & Nerve Function




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